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Your Jewelry wardrobe

As all women love to accessorize, their outfits with accessories and think that no outfit is complete without the accessories, particularly jewelry. Jewelry accessories encompass a wide range of latest and in-vogue items that are meant for different purposes and events.

If you would like to create a jewelry wardrobe for yourself, the most important pieces need to be purchased first.

Studs: you can look for emerald, diamond and ruby studs. The colors they put make beautiful accessories for your day. They range from discreet little pin dots to three-carat headlights. Diamond studs are classics that can go from casual to classy instantly.

Hoops: hoop choices are endless - from tiny, Multi stone dangler, classic loops to three-inch hoops. Pearls in hoops turn the classic pearl into a slightly more contemporary look. They also go with the most simple of outfits or the most elegant of dresses and all within a reasonable amount of money.

Chandeliers: These earrings offer an impressive look for every occasion. For a truly exotic look, consider tumbled and carved emeralds, rubies and mogul-cut diamonds intricately twined. Lady who wants everyone’s attention can flaunt it.

Pendants: Pendants serves as the foundation of the necklace collection. Pendants are ideal for expressing oneself with a lopsided heart, single stone showcase a collection of necklaces. A gold pendant is an ornament made of gold that hangs from a cord or chain worn around the neck.

Pearls: pearls are an investment that will take a woman through countless moments in her life with elegance and simplicity. Add one at a time to commemorate special occasions or choose a luxurious piece as a real show stopper.

Necktie necklace: A lot of women use necktie necklace to create a certain image for all types of women. Solitaire necklace can be changed and adjusted to work with any type of color and top you are wearing. On the other hand, a necktie necklace can be worn with almost any outfit and it looks great at night.

Bangles: this jewelry piece can be worn forever and simple one goes with every outfit. Even if they are worn alone, skinny or wide, a woman cannot go wrong in bangles. No jewelry collection would be complete without the simplest of bangles.

Charms: Charms gives a beautiful and confidence to the wearer. Options are endless. Charm bracelets have been a favored jewelry item of women for centuries. They have and always will be one of the most choices. Flawless arrangements of the stones on it will catch everyone’s eye. They also make a nice present for the special woman in your life.

Rings: Choose your rings bold and make a style statement out of it. They may be plain or of more intricate design. Other than this you can choose from gemstone ring, cluster diamond ring or have gold rings studded with gems just for something unique.

Solitaire Rings: they are a jewelry piece that makes an amazing gift for a special occasion. A single solitaire stone ring is a classic piece to have.

While fashion jewelry today is modern, trendy & stylish, there is also a fragment of society that is reverting to antique and vintage styles. While accessorizing remember the type of dress you’re wearing, your hairstyle, and also the neck cut of your outfit. All these are important, as your jewelry must compliment what you are wearing. So go ahead, have fun accessorizing your outfit with jewelry.

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Широки панталони

Последният ни спомен за изключителен избор на панталон е този на Кейт Хъдзън за представянето на новата пролетна Stella McCartney колекция. Макар че панталонът е бял, с басти около колана и стесняващ се надолу крачол, формата, която придава на тялото, не е просто окръглена, а повече от секси. Крачолът, който изтънява надолу и свършва точно при глезена, визуално удължава краката.

Съвсем като полата балон от преди сезон, тази дреха носи задължителните за работен ден женственост, шик, подвижност и комфорт.

За сезон есен '08 тази кройка присъства в колекциите на гигантите Yves Saint Laurent, 3.1Phillip Lim, Celine, Marc Jacobs и в гардеробите на всички фешън редактори, които екипът ни срещна в Лондон.

Стоят добре с болеро или късо кожено яке, боти на висок ток. Можеш да опиташ съчетание с копринена блуза и класически коктейлни високи токове, ако ти предстои парти.